What type of cake for each event ?

There are many different types of cakes in the baking industry. This makes it difficult to choose when the occasion arises. If you are wondering which cake would be best for your event, this article is for you. It will help you discover more about the subject.

The theme cake

The theme cake is a cake that can be personalised according to your wishes. It allows you to express your feelings to the public. It can be filled with fruit or cream. For example, you can have a cake in the shape of a castle for a child’s birthday, a cake in the shape of a company. It can also represent a game, a musical instrument, a character, etc. This type of cake can be used on the eve of a birthday, christening or baby shower for example.

The tiered cake

 Tiered cakes are usually used at weddings. They can consist of 4 to 5 layers of cake or even more depending on the bride and groom.  This type of cake is also used for birthdays of all kinds and can be decorated in various ways. This is especially true if the event involves a large number of people.

Dessert buffets

Dessert buffets are a variety of cakes. They are often present at major events, but also at weddings and birthdays. Note that they are often accompanied by other pastries. This means that guests can enjoy a variety of desserts on the same evening, especially if they are a dessert lover.

Pastry cake assortments

This type of cake is also used at weddings, but also during birthdays. It includes all kinds of pastries. You can find chocolate cakes, pies, meringues, etc. At the event, the guests will have a wide range of choices to make. And this will depend solely on their desires. They can also decide to take the part that suits them (one part of each pastry).