What theme should I choose for my child’s birthday party ?

For a child’s birthday party to be successful, there has to be a good theme. And this theme must be in line with the child’s passions. But what are the right themes for a child’s party? Find out more in this article.

Hollywood themes

Some children are terribly gaga over Hollywood stars. If your child is one of them, take advantage of this and give him or her a Hollywood star birthday party. For the decoration, you can use star effigies, trophies of the best movie actor. You can find many best actor diplomas on the internet that you can print out to make him happy. During the party, you can give a role to each person present so that your child feels like the star of the party. There will be paparazzi, a photographer to cover the event (why not his daddy) etc.

Space-related themes

If your child dreams of being an astronaut, the space themes will be suitable for him/her. For the decoration, you can choose planets and flying saucers to hang from the ceiling, Martian figurines (nice ones of course). There will also be laser guns, mini telescopes and large stones (to symbolise meteorites). You can then organise a galactic sleepover and your child will never have been happier or have the most exciting galactic film screening.

Disney princess themes

Princess themes are a classic for children’s birthday parties. Especially when it comes to girls. You will have to create a fairytale world for your child and make sure that she is the star of the party. The Snow Queen’s decoration would do the trick, so don’t hesitate. A birthday cake in the shape of the princess incarnate would also be welcome.

Funfair  theme

Fairground themes are also often used and are suitable for all children. You just have to choose triangle-shaped garlands and string lights and you’re done. Games of darts or chamboule-tout can be organised. Candyfloss can be made as a snack.