How to organise a costume party ?

Special evenings with friends or acquaintances are moments of shared joy. Are you thinking of organising a special evening? Why not a costume party? In this article we show you how to organise it. So don’t hesitate to read on.

Prepare in advance

For a costume party to be successful, it needs to be well organised. This can take a lot of time. You need to choose a venue, decorations, theme, etc. to make the evening a success. So make sure you tell your guests about it early. You can use an invitation card to tell them. This will allow them to prepare and make themselves available for the day. They will know that they have to come in costume with a theme.

Choose a theme

What makes a costume party special is the theme of the party. This is what allows the guests to know the character they should play during the evening. It also allows you to better manage both the decoration and the atmosphere. Propose a varied theme so that everyone can find their perfect costume. You can also ask a few guests for their opinion so that your costume party is more successful.

Prepare a quality buffet


The buffet should be of high quality to give your party an original touch. A party is boring and a fancy dress party even more so. So don’t go overboard on the buffet. Prepare a buffet that suits the theme of the party. You can prepare some strong dishes and why not some pastries. You may want to contact a specialist catering company if you are not sure you can handle this part of the evening.

Offer surprise gifts to your guests

Surprise gifts are a great way to surprise your guests at the end of the evening. It’s also a good way to thank them properly for coming. Offer gifts related to the theme of the evening. This could be figurines as a thank you. This will give them nice memories to keep.